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brand jiffies

Jiffies make a range of soft, comfortable ballet shoe flats for women and children. Jiffies shoes are available in a variety of colors, sizes and materials to suit the individual needs of the consumer. Popular colors in jiffies ballet flats are white, black, pink, gold and silver. Jiffies footwear are very popular for those attending dance classes such as ballet. The Jiffies shoes are soft and flexible and work comfortably with the wearers feet during movement. Jiffies shoes are elasticized and stretch comfortably to the shape of the wearers feet.
Jiffies are also a comfortable footwear choice for people with sore feet. Whether you need a pair of shoes to change into midway through a wedding, or on your feet all day at the races or your feet are simply sore and need a rest, Jiffies can be an ideal footwear choice as they are nice,soft and supple and feel like slippers for your feet! Jiffies are fabulous to carry in your handbag as a spare pair of shoes as they are foldable and don't take up too much room! Jiffies shoes are also often a popular footwear choice for flower girls in a bridal party.