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brand teva

Teva footwear produce premium quality sandals, flip flops and shoes to ensure that you have the most comfortable footwear for wherever your travels may take you. In 1984, Teva footwear was born as a river guide in the Grand Canyon attached two velcro watchbands to an old pair of thongs to create a shoe that would not float away. From a simple creation of a sports sandal, the idea and brand developed into what it is today, an icon of comfort and utilitarian style.

Teva are perhaps best known for their sandals. Modern new patterns, material interest and supreme quality and comfort are what makes Teva footwear stand out from the crowd. Their footwear is lightweight, supportive and durable to allow you to enjoy the great outdoors in comfort and style. Teva offers you freedom in your footwear. Live your life to the max with your next pair of Teva shoes. Strap on your shoes and head out to your new adventure, it is as simple and easy as that!