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Tsonga Shoes & Sandals

Tsonga footwear stems from a story, a magnificant history of culture and spirit! In a small village in South Africa, every pair of Tsonga shoes is hand-stitched by passionate and devoted local craftswomen with exceptional skills. A community of women are uplifting themselves by hand crafting individually each pair of Tsonga shoes. These women are using their dedication and hard work to create a strong future for their families.

So everytime you step out in your fabulous Tsonga shoes you know that they were made by women, for women! Not only are you investing in African heritage, but you are also supporting spirit and hope amongst these hard working women! In addition, you are investing in a pair of good quality shoes that are meticulously handcrafted to perfection to offer you the utmost in comfort and style. Buy Tsonga shoes and support a fabulous tradition and cause!