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Walking Sandals

Brand House Direct stock one of the largest ranges of walking sandals making us the perfect destination to find that perfect pair of comfortable sandals that you are looking for. Whether you're looking for a fashion, casual, or performance walking sandal, our diverse collection offers you a range of styles and comfort options from some of the best comfort brands to ensure your individual comfort needs are met. Our walking sandals range is available in a variety of styles and materials to suit whatever your needs and occasion.
Brand House Direct has a diverse range of walking sandals, including Australian and international brands. Popular brands we stock in walking sandals include Merrell, KEEN, Teva, Rockport, Hush Puppies, Clarks, Planet Shoes to name a few. Shop our stylish walking sandals range to find the latest comfortable trends for your feet.
We are Brand House Direct understand the importance of wearing sandals that no only look good, but feel good too. Walking sandals are a great footwear choice as they offer many benefits. Walking sandals tend to be breathable and airy, which makes them ideal to wear during warmer conditions where the feet are prone to sweating and swelling.
Walking sandals are designed for multiple uses and lowland walking. With an open construction, walking sandals are highly breathable and airy, meaning that they are typically suitable for use in summer or good weather conditions. Walking sandals are configured to offer coolness and comfort in warmer climates, allowing your feet to breathe comfortably and naturally. Walking sandals are usually also designed on a technical, durable, flexible and lightweight construction, meaning the shoes accommodate a natural walking gait as you walk to ensure your utmost comfort. Walking shoes tend to be very comfortable and practical making them an ideal footwear choice when you travel, particularly in warmer climates. Walking sandals tend to distinguish themselves from other typical sandals as they tend to be more secure and technical in construction and design. Walking sandals can usually handle a variety of terrains as usually they have thick rugged soles and cushioning in the midlayer. Walking sandals will see you through on your travels, from city terrain to rocky paths in the great outdoors.
Shop our walking sandals range and be impressed by our diverse range.