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Keen Shoes & Boots

If you are looking for the perfect pair of shoes for long walks, hiking and trekking, Keen is the right brand for you. Not only are they durable and comfortable, and designed to protect the toes, even when walking through wet environments, they look the part too! Keen offer its consumer the whole package, with quality and comfort to suit the consumer on the go.
Keen are well known for their versatile sandals. Keen sandals will have you walking in comfort at the beach. There is no need to remove your Keen sandals as you walk through the water as these flexible, lightweight and comfortable sandals allow the water to drain away seamlessly. Your feet are now protected from the sand, sea, shells and debris in your surroundings and you can stroll along comfortably in your Keen sandals with the knowledge that your feet are protected from the surrounds.
Keen shoes also have an extensive range of hiking and work shoes. Quality and comfort are features that are upheld in all Keen footwear. Cushioned innersoles, padded collars, sturdy uppers and comfortable walking treads are specific product traits to expect in your new Keen shoes. Part of the Keen work footwear range also offer features such as steel toe and slip resistant soles to ensure you stay protected on the job.