Hard Yakka Work Boots

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19 products
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Hard Yakka Work Boots

Synonymous with hard work, Hard Yakka has all the gear you need to staycomfortable on the worksite . Specialising in high-quality and durable work boots, tradies all over Australia choose Hard Yakka to get the job done.

Hard Yakka was founded in the 1930's by David K. Laidlaw. Originally created as a small high-quality workwear business, David initially ran the company entirely from a small room in his parents Brunswick home. At the time, the company was named D.K Laidlaw & Sons. David soon rebranded to Hard Yakka, after consultation with independent advertising agent Jim Cushen. The word "Yakka" was adopted due to its origin as the Aboriginal word for "work", a salute to the brands deeply Australian identity. Before long, Hard Yakka had outgrown David's parents home and manufacturing was moved to a former army hall in Sunbury. By the 1960s, Hard Yakka was popular among tradesmen and the high demand led to a second manufacturing plant being established in Broadmeadows. This plant was located on 6 acres and quickly became the Hard Yakka headquarters. While the brand was already successful, Hard Yakka cemented its place in Australian culture in the 1970s. At this time, the catchy Hard Yakka chant (written by Mike Brady) featured in the iconic "Railway" commercial. During the 1980s, the brand expanded to the New Zealand market. In the 1990s, the company introduced their first range of safety and non-safety work boots to complement their workwear. This footwear range eventually became one of the brands most important and best-selling products. In recent years, Hard Yakka has stayed true to its roots while continuing to innovate. The brand has expanded to include a wide range of workwear and work boots for women.With dozens of safety footwear styles for both men and women, Brand House Direct are the Hard Yakka experts. Carrying tough work boots in a variety of stylish colours, Brand House Directs lets you shop for your new pair of work boots alongside a range of quality Hard Yakka workwear, all in one place.

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Hard Yakka boots & workwear FAQ

Is Hard Yakka an Australian brand?

Hard Yakka is a proudly Australian brand. While it was originally known as D.K. Laidlaw & Sons Pty Ltd, the company later honoured its Australian roots by adopting the name Hard Yakka. The word "Yakka" is derived from an Aboriginal word for "work".

Are Hard Yakka boots true to size?

Hard Yakka boots are designed to fit true to size. You can typically order in your usual size, however be aware that if you wear particularly thick workwear socks this may affect the fit. For best results, measure your foot and consult the size chart prior to purchasing your new boots.

Are Hard Yakka boots waterproof?

The majority of Hard Yakka workwear boots are water resistant and designed to repel moisture, oil and stains. Water-resistant boots are not fully waterproof. If you value a high or complete level of waterproofing, consider applying a waterproofing treatment to your boots prior to wearing.

Are Hard Yakka boots vegan?

Hard Yakka boots are not vegan. The majority of Hard Yakka's range is made with durable and high-quality nubuck leather or genuine suede.