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        Scholl Orthaheel Shoes

        Providing incredibly comfortable shoes at affordable prices, Scholl has been in the footwear industry for over 100 years. Combining style, durability and comfort, Scholl Orthaheel footwear focuses on creating footwear that repositions your alignment and tries to alleviate foot pain.

        Founded in 1920's Chicago, the Scholl brand was created by Dr. William Mathias Scholl. William had developed an interest in the anatomy of feet while working in a shoe store in his teenage years. He later attended medical school to focus on his interest in feet, and in 1912 he founded the Illinois College of Chiropody and Orthopaedics. By offering free foot examinations at this college, William was able to develop the philosophy which lead to improving a persons health, comfort and wellbeing in relation to feet. By the 1920's, William was ready to produce his first line of comfortable and supportive footwear. The company later expanded to include supportive products such as insoles. Insoles became one of Scholl's bestsellers. In the 1960's, the Scholl brand boomed globally. Today, the Scholl brand continues to create innovative footwear that is both fashionable and comfortable.

        Brand House Direct carries a huge range of Scholl orthotic and supportive products. Scholl footwear is available in a variety of styles to suit men and women . From men's slippers to women's sandals, we have the shoe for you. Scholl's signature Orthaheel technology provides exquisite comfort.

        At Brand House Direct, we pride ourselves on offering the widest range of quality shoes, clothing and accessories from your favourite brands. With outstanding customer service and products for any style and budget, there's a reason we're one of Australia's leading online shopping destinations. Don't forget to sign up for our newsletter to be rewarded with $10 off your first order with an item cost spend of $80 or over!

        Scholl Shoes FAQs

        Where are Scholl shoes made?

        Scholl shoes are primarily manufactured in China, and have been for the past few decades. The Scholl brand works with a number of Chinese factories to produce approximately 50 million pairs of shoes annually in order to keep up with consumer demand.

        Do Scholl shoes have arch support?

        Scholl creates supportive products for every foot. Their orthopaedic range includes styles suitable for work and play, each featuring ergonomically contoured footbeds and arch support. The signature Scholl arch support is even available in casual styles such as sandals, thongs and slippers.

        Do Scholl shoes run true to size?

        Scholl footwear is designed to fit generously for maximum comfort. While you can typically order your usual size, if you take a half size we recommend choosing the half size down . Please order with confidence, as Brand House Direct offers a 30 days return policy just in case you need to return the shoes for an exchange or refund. When purchasing any footwear from a new brand we also recommend consulting the size chart to ensure you get the perfect fit.

        Is Scholl a German brand?

        Scholl is not a German brand. Scholl was founded by Dr. William Mathias Scholl in 1920's Chicago. William worked at a shoe store at the age of 17 where his interest in foot anatomy was born. He later enrolled in medical school to focus on the physiology of feet before designing his first range of comfortable footwear.

        Are Scholl and Dr. Scholl's shoes the same brand?

        The Scholl brand and Dr. Scholl's brands have an interesting history. The Dr. Scholl's brand was purchased in 1979 by Schering-Plough, who were later acquired by Merck & Co. Merck & Co was later acquired by Bayer in 2014, who in turn sold the brand to Yellow Wood Partners. The Dr. Scholl's brand was distributed in North America. The Scholl brand however was sold by Schering-Plough to SSL International, who later sold the brand to The Reckitt Benckiser Group. This brand was distributed globally outside of North America. The brands remained seperate until June 2021, when Reckitt sold the Scholl footwear brand to Yellow Wood Partners, finally bringing both brands back under the same ownership.