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Gladiator Sandals

Brand House Direct stock a large range of gladiator sandals making us the perfect destination to find that perfect pair of comfortable gladiator sandals that you are looking for. Whether you are looking for a flat comfortable pair for everyday or a pair of heeled gladiator sandals for some pizazz, Brand House Direct has a comprehensive range of beautiful gladiator sandals to choose from. Our gladiator sandals range is available in a variety of colorways and materials to suit whatever your needs and occasion.
Gladiator sandals are an open-toed T-bar strappy sandal. Their designs have drawn inspiration from footwear worn by ancient Roman gladiators. Gladiator sandals are one of summer’s biggest trends, where designers will often take inspiration from history and will add a modern twist to the designs for a relevant twist.
Gladiator sandals are deserving of some space in your closest for a host of important reasons:
1) The gladiator sandal is not only versatile but is also incredibly stylish. Whether you go subtle and strappy, or solid and bold, the gladiator sandals is sure compliment all your new season outfits.
2) Gladiator sandals tend to offer good foot coverage and hence, offer good support for your feet allowing you to walk in comfort all day long.
3) Gladiator sandals come in a range of interesting designs and can often add some uniqueness and pizazz to a simple outfit. If you want a pair to be the centre of attention, we recommend a more embellished style in a strong colour such as black which will stand out. For a more subtle approach, a more neutral color such as beige or tan, will give your legs the subtle emphasis you desire without being too overpowering.
Brand House Direct has a diverse range of gladiator sandals, including Australian and international brands. Popular brands we stock in gladiator sandals include Hush Puppies, Clarks, Gino Ventori, Planet Shoes, Earth, Isabella Brown to name a few. Shop our stylish gladiator sandals range to find the latest trends for your feet.