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        Skechers Shoes

        A veritable giant of the footwear industry, the California based Skechers brand produces shoes which are available in more than 170 countries worldwide. Skechers products are designed to fit into one of two distinct categories: lifestyle footwear or performance footwear. Skechers prides themselves on pioneering performance features such as air cooled memory foam, while remaining stylish and comfortable enough for everyday wear.

        Skechers was founded in 1992 by Robert Greenberg. Robert had previously founded the brand LA Gear in 1983, but stepped down as CEO of that company the same year he founded Skechers. The first shoe mass produced by Skechers was a grunge inspired mens jogger boot. By 1995 Skechers gained public support with the release of their 'Roadies' sneakers which became one of the years most desired sporty essentials. By 1997 Skechers had officially expanded their range to include women and children, making the brand wildly popular with adults and families alike. In recent years Skechers has developed a reputation for designing comfortable athletic shoes in addition to athleisure sneakers, sightseeing sandals and comfortable walking shoes. Despite its relatively recent conception, Skechers has grown to become the third largest athletic footwear brand in the USA.

        Brand House Direct is proud to carry a huge range of Skechers from sandals to sneakers and everything in between. Whether you're looking for womens shoes, mens shoes or something for the kids, we have the perfect pair of Skechers for you.

        Treat yourself today and enjoy the experience of shopping with Brand House Direct when purchasing your next pair of Skechers shoes. If you’re concerned about buying the wrong size, remember if the shoes don’t fit, you can easily return the item for a refund or exchange them for the right fit. Also, when you subscribe to our newsletter you'll also unlock a $10 coupon to use for your first purchase with an item cost of $80 or above!

        Skechers FAQs

        Are Skechers true to size?

        In our opinion, Skechers are designed to fit true to size and you can confidently shop for any style in your regular shoe size. As the brand is based in the USA, their products are generally listed with US sizing. If you're in a location outside the USA, ensure you check the size conversion to ensure you get the right fit.

        Are all Skechers machine washable?

        The care instructions for Skechers vary depending on the material used in their construction. Not all Skechers shoes are machine washable.

        How to wash machine washable skechers

        If your Skechers style specifies that it is machine washable, you can use a gentle cycle to wash them. Skechers recommends using a laundry bag or pillowcase to keep sneakers safe during washing. Never place your Skechers in the dryer; Skechers should be air dried only. If your style includes memory foam inserts, these may take up to twelve hours to fully dry.

        How to wash Nylon or mesh Skechers

        If your nylon or mesh Skechers are not specified to be machine washable, you should use a mixture of warm water and mild detergent to spot clean any dirty areas. Wipe excess soap with a dry cloth and allow shoes to air dry.

        How to wash Leather or suede skechers

        Any Skechers made with more exotic materials should be cleaned according to the standards for those materials. For example, suede shoes should be cleaned using a suede brush while leather shoes should use a specialised leather cleansing solution. However your Skechers are cleaned, allow them to air dry in an area with no direct sunlight.

        Are all Skechers non-slip?

        While not all Skechers are non-slip, there are many styles which do include slip-resistant soles. Search Brand House Direct for Skechers slip resistant shoes to see what options are available.

        Are Skechers orthopaedic shoes?

        While Skechers are not a replacement for prescribed orthopaedic intervention, many styles come with supportive and innovative features such as arch support and industry leading cushioning. The podiatrist-certified Arch Fit range is a popular option for anyone who'd like more support for their feet.

        Do Skechers do half sizes?

        Skechers are available in half sizes. This ensures that all customers are able to experience a quality fit.