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        Womens Slippers

        There's nothing more luxurious than coming home after a long day and sliding your feet into a cosy pair of warm slippers. With work from home arrangements becoming increasingly popular in Australia, a pair of stylish slippers can elevate your home office uniform and boost your mood during the day. When work is done, no end of day self-care routine is complete without a pair of fluffy slippers in a fun, bold pattern.

        50% of Australians experience foot pain on a regular basis. Wearing supportive, orthopaedic slippers around the house can have a big impact on your feet as well as your overall health. Ensuring your feet have good arch support and contoured footbeds can help relieve and prevent pain in your feet, hips and legs.

        Brand House Direct is proud to carry an extensive line of cozy and affordable women's slippers. From summery sandal styles to cozy boots, we have the slippers to see you through winter and beyond! We carry a wide range of accessible slip on styles as well as many orthotic options for those among us seeking greater support. Join the Brand House Direct family today and stay up to date on all the latest deals. You can save $10 off your first order over $80 in item cost by simply signing up to our newsletter!

        Treat your feet today and find your new favourite pair of slippers at Brand House Direct.

        Women's slippers FAQ

        How do you choose the right pair of slippers for your feet?

        Women's slippers are more than just something to keep your feet warm. With a wide range of styles and colours, slippers are also accessories and a fun way to express your personal style. Consider your lifestyle and personal preferences before shopping for your new shoes. Do you love big, cozy slippers you can really sink into? A plush pair of boot slippers might be your ideal match. Do you live in a warmer climate? A pair of open toe orthopaedic slippers will keep your feet cool while supporting your arches. Explore your options on our website and find your perfect pair of slippers today!

        Are women's slippers true to size?

        Generally, women's slippers are designed to fit true to size, however sizes may vary between brands. We always recommend checking the size guide against your foot measurements to ensure you get the perfect fit.

        Do women's slippers have arch support?

        Like any footwear product, not every slipper has the same features. When it comes to arch support, there are several brands that specialise in orthopaedic shoes and slippers. If arch support is important to you, shop our range of orthopaedic slippers or consider a custom made orthotic for personalised support where you need it most.

        Can you use orthotics in slippers?

        The perfect pair of slippers are not only comfortable and warm, they provide your soles with the foundation they need to keep your foot posture aligned. If your slippers have minimal built-in support, you can most certainly use an orthotic with most slipper styles. If you intend to use orthotics, look for slipper styles with deep footbeds and removable insoles.

        Can women's slippers be machined-washed?

        It is not recommended to put women's slippers in the washing machine unless the manufacturer has specified that it's ok. Some materials may shrink, warp or deteriorate in a typical washing machine. To ensure your purchase remains in tip-top shape, follow these easy steps to hand wash any stains or debris:

        1. Create a cleaning solution. A gentle detergent or mild dish soap mixed with water is perfect for most slipper materials.
        2. Use a clean cloth to lightly dab the solution onto any areas that require spot cleaning. If you intend to wash the whole slipper, you can submerge it in a sink of cool water to do so.
        3. Once clean, remove any excess water by dabbing the shoe with a dry towel.
        4. Leave your slippers out to air dry fully. Wearing your slippers before they're dry may distort their shape.

        As with any fashion product, check the label to see if the manufacturer has listed any specific care instructions before using general advice.