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Homyped Shoes & Sandals

Homyped are a orthopaedic comfort shoe specialist that have been designing footwear in Australia since 1969. They have continued to focus on developing products designed to support and look after your feet. Homyped continue to innovate their products to try and offer enhanced comfort, support and stability.

We are all unique and as such, all have unique feet and requirements. Homyped footwear is designed in different widths to ensure the wearer finds their optimal fit. Homyped also have varied footbed designs to suit the wearers requirements.

Homyped shoes are designed to provide relief from pain associated with common foot conditions such as bunions, plantar fasciitis, swollen feet, diabetes, heel spurs and arthritis. Homyped design footwear in conjunction with health professionals and the Australian Podiatry Association.

Homyped stand by the belief that what's good for your feet is good for your health. Our feet are our foundation and if we neglect them, this can impact our overall wellbeing. Discover the Homyped comfort difference today as you deserve comfort and support for your feet. Brand House Direct stock a large range of Homyped sandals, shoes and slippers. Try a pair today!