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        Kids School Shoes

        A pair of classic black school shoes is key when outfitting your child for school. Typically made from a durable leather, kids school shoes are built to see your child comfortably through anything the day throws at them. When a school shoe fits correctly, it will support your child's foot so they can focus on learning.

        Brand House Direct knows that no two children are alike, so we carry a wide range of school shoes to suit all boys and girls. Shop products from trusted brands such as Clarks, ROC and Harrison. With an extensive range covering sizes 10-14, we have the perfect fit for every foot. From classic Mary Janes to comfortable sneaker styles, we're confident you'll find the perfect pair of school shoes at a price you'll love.

        Brand House Direct is your one-stop shop for durable and affordable school shoes. Stay up to date on all the best deals by signing up for our newsletter and receive $10 off your first order over $80 in item cost!

        School Shoes FAQ

        What is the purpose of school shoes for children?

        Kids wear their school shoes for more than 30 hours per week, so it's important that they fit correctly and support their feet. School shoes are typically made from durable leather to keep your kids feet covered and protected from the elements. Most schools expect students to wear plain black school shoes to promote class unity. When each child is wearing something similar, there is less chance of anyone feeling left out if they can't afford the latest 'status symbol' shoes their classmates might otherwise wear.

        How do you choose the right school shoes for your children?

        When you shop for school shoes, consider your child's comfort as well as practicality. If your kids love to jump, run and play, a flat or flexible shoe may be more suitable than a boot or style with a heel. Kids school shoes are available with a variety of fastening options such as lacesand adjustable straps . If your kid is unable to independently tie their laces or they have accessibility concerns, buy shoes designed with alternate fastenings or consider slip on styles.

        How to label school shoes?

        Labelling your child's school shoes is a great way to prevent theft and ensure they are returned to you if your child leaves them at the playground. While strong adhesive labels may seem like the best option, these often slide off during day to day wear. The best way to label a child's school shoes is to use a silver marker and write their name on the sole, insole and the back of the tongue (if the shoe has a tongue). This way, even if one or two names rub off, it's likely one will still remain. Check your kids school shoes periodically to see if the name labels need refreshing. Alternatively, consider sewing a high quality fabric label to the inside of your child's shoes.

        How do you polish school shoes effectively?

        With proper care and maintenance, school shoes can last many months. Polishing your kids school shoes is an important part of shoe maintenance and should be done weekly. Take note of these easy steps for polishing school shoes:

        1. Prepare the shoes by removing any laces.
        2. Use a clean, damp cloth to gently wipe away any visible dirt or grime.
        3. Place some high quality leather polish or wax product on a clean, soft cloth or rag.
        4. Rub the polish in slow, circular motions until the shoe is covered with a thin layer.
        5. Allow shoes to dry fully.

        If your shoes don't appear shiny and polished once dry, repeat these steps.