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Saucony Shoes


Saucony Shoes

Saucony is a brand that lives and breathes runners. As a brand, Saucony strives to adopt the latest technological innovations to create some of the best sport shoes in the market.Saucony helped revolutionise the way we think about running. Throughout the early and mid 1900’s, people were running in leather, spikes, and even barefoot. This helped fuel Saucony's motivation to create a shoe that would forever change the way people run.

In this day and age, not only is Saucony a brand desired by serious runners who understand the high tech features of Saucony running shoes. Now Saucony is one of the most desired running shoe brands of all time and a highly recognised brand worldwide in the mass market. Today, Saucony offer a diverse range of running and walking shoes which adopt the Saucony trademark fit and feel. By studying the biomechanics of top athletes, Saucony have been able to develop and innovate the latest technologies and comfort benefits in their shoes.

Saucony have developed a wide range of styles for men, women and kids to accommodate all your running and walking shoe needs. Popular models include the Triumph, Hurricane, Omni, Guide, Ride to name a few as well as a range of wide fitting and orthotic friendly styles. Now the question remains…Do Saucony make the best running shoes in the world? Many people believe so!