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        Mens Sandals

        Men’s sandals are comfortable, cool and can be worn for outdoor activities such as hiking (depending on the terrain), swimming and even in more formal settings making them perfect for the summer.

        Generally, their price is lower than other mens shoes, making them a great alternative when the temperature climbs. Brand House Direct even runs frequent discounts that you can take advantage of and save even more money. Sign up for our newsletter to be informed of the latest product releases and new sales.

        Not only does Brand House Direct offers a huge selection of styles but also popular brands to shop from at a great price. Here is just a small selection of what Brand House Direct's online store has to offer:


        These sports sandals were initially used by athletes because they are easy to put on and take off and can be worn without the need to take off your socks (unlike flip-flops/thongs which can be uncomfortable when worn on socked feet).


        The classic, timeless pair of leather thongs is a great summer solution. Although generally considered a type of footwear that is best with casual styles, it can be combined with a breezy linen outfit for an effortless upscale look in warmer weather. Looking for a specific type? You can search our selection or click on a category for a quick view of the entire section.

        Sandals with backstraps

        When you shop for this type of footwear, you are looking for something cool that still has the support of a fully closed shoe. Certain brands like Merrell create footwear that is great for outdoors activities.

        What Brand of Men’s Sandals Are You Looking For?

        Most brands have special characteristics, materials or designs to promote comfort. Merrell for example is well known for its rugged footwear made specifically for outdoor activities, where as brands such as Savelli are known for their elegant European-inspired designs and use of high-quality materials.

        Click on any of the brands above to get a quick view of what they offer.

        The Different Types of Sandals

        In general, there are three main types of sandals. There are slides that slide on with a single strap for foot retention, sandals that usually feature more straps to ensure a more secure, shoe-like fit and thongs which have two straps that converge at the point between the big and second toe. Each type has its advantages and place in your wardrobe depending on the occasion.

        Still having trouble deciding which type to shop for from our store. If you are wondering how you can wear a sandal in a more upscale, formal way? Or maybe a type of footwear that can fill a specific need for an activity.

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        Order Mens Sandals Today

        Brand House Direct takes great pride in creating a top online shopping experience with one of the largest ranges in Australia. Brand House Direct also offers quick shipping across Australia, with a 30-day return policy. Our store also frequently features sales and discounts that you can take advantage of.