How to Break In Doc Martens Boots?

The internet is full of life hacks - but few have decades of knowledge behind them. Doc Martens boots have been around since the 1960’s, made popular by the Mods subculture - and you better believe that there have been ways to break in these iconic boots since.

Why should you break in boots you ask? First, it makes the material more supple and comfortable. Second, there’s an aesthetic that is achieved when the boot is creased, broken in and "well-loved". Some enjoy a pristine boot - but most Doc Martens wearers like a tougher, well used, more worn-in look to their boots.

Here are just a few examples that have been used to break in the iconic Doc Martens boot.

Keep them laced tight

Keep them laced tight

No matter what the shoe, boot or even sandals you wear - movement causes friction and friction causes blisters. The best way to avoid movement is to keep your boots close to your foot, by lacing them tightly. If you leave your Dr Martens 1460 Boots like the picture above…you gonna have some trouble.

Thick Wool Socks

Thick Wool SocksWear Dr Martens with thick wool socks

Wool socks work in multiple ways - obviously, they provide extra protection until the boot’s material softens up with use, the wool also has moisture-wicking properties. Keeping your feet dry during the break-in period helps avoid blisters. Additionally, if you keep your boots tight in combination with the thick socks, the leather will warm up sooner and start moulding to your feet. These Caterpillar Men's Bamboo Socks aren’t wool but are thick and the bamboo material has similar moisture-wicking properties.

Just Wear Them

Just wear them

Doc Martens were originally designed to be work boots, and that pedigree is pretty obvious in all its models including the ones above the Dr Martens 1460 Aztec Crazy Horse Boots. These boots were designed to last forever and get more comfortable the more you wear them. One of the original features includes a footbed that conforms to the wearer's foot with use.

No matter how you choose to break them in, has an extensive selection of Doc Martens, from boots to sandals!