What are men's dress sandals?

Sandals are generally considered the epitome of casual comfort. They have been the quintessential beach-going type of footwear but have recently undergone a redefinition. Dress sandals, which were popular in the 40s and 50s, have remerged updated and are just as classy as they were back then.

Men’s dress sandals are a bit more upscale than regular sandals, and are often made of premium materials and feature a more elevated design. If you are looking to make your summer attire more elegant, a pair of dress sandals from brandhousedirect will keep you cool and make you look debonair


Light Linen and Dress Sandals

 Pegada Lancester Mens Leather Comfortable Slide Sandals Made In Brazil

Probably one of the easiest and most classic combinations are light linen pants and dress sandals. Usually, in the summer you’d like to keep the colour light, white, tan or blue, paired with a light coloured sandal. The Pegada Lancester Men’s Sandals are a great choice and super easy to wear since it’s based on a slide sandal. Built not only for style the Lancester is a comfort sandal, with a long-lasting and elegant leather upper and a cushioned insole. If you intend on taking off your sandals at any point, the map design insole is a great detail!

Classic Timeless Design

Savelli Kain Mens Leather Comfortable Cushioned Sandals Made In Brazil 

This classic design was all the rage in 50s and 60s and it still looks amazing today. Available in two colours the displayed honey brown and a darker mahogany brown, so you can combine it with both lighter and darker coloured trousers. The Savelli Kain Men’s Sandals feature supple leather uppers and a comfort innersole for you to enjoy.

Rugged but Elegant

 Merrell Mens Sandspur Backstrap Leather Sandals With Adjustable Straps

Merrell is well known for its rugged footwear, but this specific sandal also features an elegant minimalist design that can be dressed up for summer evening drinks or dinner. That doesn’t mean that the Merrell Sandspur Backstrap Leather Men’s Sandals sacrifice any of their comfort or ruggedness though!