What are the differences between thongs, slides & sandals?

So you are on brandhousedirect, it’s summer and you are looking for something to keep you cool, stylish & comfortable when the temperature climbs.

Although selection and choice are great, you might be a little overwhelmed. Each type of summer footwear including men’s sandals have their own function and use case, so what are the differences between thongs, slides and sandals? Hopefully, this article will break it down for you and help you decide which type is the best for you!


What are Thongs Men’s Sandals?

 Pegada Villa Mens Leather Cushioned Thongs Sandals Made In Brazil

Thongs are a type of footwear that date back to 4000 B.C. They are immensely popular and called by many names around the world: thongs (in Australia), flip-flops (in the States), plakkies (in South Africa), clam-diggers (in areas in the US) and even slippers in Hawaii.

Simple, minimalist & easy to wear, thongs are probably some of the world’s most popular and widely adopted warm-weather footwear.

The thong’s main and most defining characteristic is the “Y” shaped strap that converges between the big and second toe for retention. They are popular for the beach or a quick drink at the pub; thongs are a great ‘daily driver’ when the weather is hot.

Fun fact: when one of these straps becomes loose, it is called a blowout, but that shouldn’t be a problem if you buy high-quality men’s thongs like the Pegada Villa Men’s Thongs Sandals in the picture above from brandhousedirect!


What are Slide Men’s Sandals?

 Pegada Bernie Mens Leather Comfortable Slide Sandals Made In Brazil

Slides are literally what their name implies, sandals that you slide into.

Their design is characterised by a single wide band or strap that wraps around the top of the foot just behind the toes. Before becoming immensely popular as a fashion statement a few years ago they were popular among athletes because of their ability to accommodate your foot when wearing socks after training. They are also almost supernaturally comfortable due to their design, minimising ‘hot spots’ i.e. areas that put focused pressure on the foot. In addition, some slides feature velcro on the strap which allows for a more personalised fit.

Slides have also been seen as fashion footwear paired with tube socks for a nostalgic and throwback look that evokes urban streetwear too!

Find a huge selection of men’s slides like the Pegada Bernie Mens Leather Comfortable Slides (pictured above) at branhousedirect.


What are Men’s Sandals?

 Keen Newport H2 Mens Comfort Sports Wide Fit Sandals

Probably one of the widest-ranging types of summer footwear men’s sandals can be very casual or even be worn in a more elevated way. They are usually a bit more ‘closed’ than the two previous types of sandals. Men’s sandals can be either open toe or closed toe. The Keen Newport H2 Men’s Sports Wide Fit Sandals which are pictured above are a popular, rugged closed toe sandal for men.