Which men's sandals are in style for 2021?

We saw tons of trends emerging for footwear this year - chunky-soled trainers, chunky-soled boots...chunky-soled loafers. But what’s going on with men’s sandals? What are the latest trends, fashion-forward designs, what will be worn on the beach-fronts in Sydney and all over the world? We’ve curated a list of 2021’s latest men’s sandals trends.


The Great Outdoors

 Merrell Mens Kahuna Web Comfortable Sandals

Getting outdoors is all the trend right now. This is why Merrell’s Men’s Kahuna Web Comfortable Men’s Sandals is one of ‘21’s hottest items. Utility is the name of the game with the Kahuna, as it can hold up to various outdoor activities but still be worn for a quick drink at the pub. A classic and perennially fashionable option you can get from brandhousedirect!


Slide into Fashion

 BR Sport Utah Mens Brazilian Comfort Slides Sandals With Massage Balls

One of the most unexpected trends as of recent was the reemergence of so-called slide sandal’s. Although they have never really disappeared - always popular with athletes due to their ability to be worn with socks after training, recently they have become a popular fashion statement. The BR Sport Utah Men’s Slides Sandals have an adjustable strap to elevate the classic design and also features a massaging insole, so you’ll look as good as hopefully your feet feel!


Thongs Are Always In

Pegada York Mens Leather Comfortable Thongs Sandals Made In Brazil 

The classic thong sandal has never really fallen out of fashion, every era has a version or variation of the thong, from the 80’s fluo-straps to the 90’s woven style straps, since it was invented in 4000 BC, yes it’s that old. The Pegada York Men’s Thongs Sandals completely elevated this classic design though with a burnished leather upper and brass details. The Yorks are also designed to be extraordinarily comfortable, so you can wear them all day if you’re in the city or soaking up the sun at the beach.