How Do You Style and Wear Doc Martens?

So you went ahead and purchased your first pair and now you’re wondering how do you style and wear Doc Martens? Lucky for you these popular and perennially fashionable boots and shoes are an absolute breeze to pair with tons of different outfits and styles

Here are a few styles that go with Doc Martens like cheese on burgers. Some are a little bold and others are easy and casual.

Sun and Grunge

Sun and Grunge

Gen Z has completely embraced the throw-back fashion cues of the 90s, and what the youngsters do is confirmation of cool. One of the grudge era’s most popular styles was combining a pair of chunky low Doc Martens with contrasting flowing sundresses. This style can be worn with a higher Doc Marten boot as well. If you want a bit more period-specific flair you can add some tiny sunglasses, colourful hair clips and some frill top socks or roll down a pair of longer socks over the top of the shoe or boot.


The 60s Mod Look

60s Mod Look

Another classic, but a more timeless style that can be worn with Doc Martens is from the 60’s. Mods are said to be the first ‘fashion’ adopters of Doc Martens after their initial popularity as work boots. Often combined with knitted shift skirts, A-line skirts and sleeveless dresses. You can even go for an androgenous version, combining brilliant white Doc Martens with a tailored skinny suit and a narrow tie.

Rock and Roll (of course)

Rock and roll

Nothing screams “rock and roll” in a shattering falsetto like a pair of high Doc Martens. This is not only an easy-going look but it’s super easy to put together. When in doubt go with black. You can wear jeans and cuff them above the boot for an extra touch of 1950s rebellion. Combine silhouettes like 80s hair band fans - with an oversized off the shoulder sweater combined with distressed jeans. Just pick your favourite punk, metal or grudge look and go for it!