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Our Favourite Women's Boots to Wear With Jeans

Try to find a fashion pairing more iconic and classic; both easygoing and steeped in attitude than jeans and boots. You can combine an infinite amount of women’s boots with dozens of types and cuts of jeans, making this look the multi-tool of any wardrobe.

Here are some of our favourite women’s boots to wear with jeans this year.

The Classic Rocker - Docs & Jeans

The Classic Rocker - Docs & Jeans

Since they were first adopted by the insufferably cool “Mods” of the sixties in the UK, Docs have firmly held their place in the fashion pantheon. Since then, there probably hasn’t been a combination that goes together better than a pair of skinny jeans, cuffed right above a pair of Dr Martens 1460.

Jeans and Riding Boots

Jeans and Riding Boots

This is an extremely popular look because these women’s boots can be worn with the jeans tucked into the upper part, over the upper part or cuffed at the ankle. This gives you three distinct silhouettes for the price of one outfit. During the wetter months of the year, by tucking in your jeans, you can avoid getting your hems wet, with the added benefit that it looks great too! Our recommendation for this look is Palla women’s knee-high boots because the design is minimal making it diverse, it features an easy-on, easy-off side zipper and its low heel lengthens the leg without being unstable or uncomfortable.

The Chelsea Boot and Jeans - Love at first sight

The Chelsea Boot and Jeans

A youthful and playful combination, jeans and the classic Chelsea boot are a pairing like fish and chips - easy-going and oh-so-satisfying! We chose the Doc Martens 2976 Chelsea boot because one of this year’s biggest footwear trends is chunky, bold and platform footwear.

Most styles and types of boots combine beautifully with jeans - and brandhousedirect.com.au offers a huge list of women’s boots that will effortlessly pair with jeans, so take a visit and find your next favourite pair!