Should you wear women's sandals or slides?

If you are wondering if you should wear women’s sandals or slides, the real question is why not both?

Women’s slides and women’s sandals function very differently, slides are easy to put on and take off, they can also be worn with socks in some cases for a more urban style.

Sandals just like women’s slides come in many variations that allow you to dress them up or wear them with more casual outfits. Sandals tend to also offer more retention compared to slides, making them a popular choice for long days or more vigorous activities. Let’s look at some of the options, variations and their potential uses.


Elegant, Dress Sandal

 Malu Supercomfort Ina Womens Comfortable Sandals Heels Made In Brazil

The Malu Supercomfort Ina Womens Comfortable Sandals are a great example of sandals that can be easily dressed up. Classically designed, with an adjustable ankle strap. These sandals will elevate any ensemble or outfit no matter where the day takes you - to the office, the bar or even an upscale eatery!


A Strappy Slide by Merrell

 Merrell Womens Hayes Thong Leather Comfortable Sandals

Merrell is well known for producing rugged, comfortable footwear for outdoor activities. They have expanded their offerings to include more everyday products while still preserving the high quality and comfort that they are famous for. Merrell Women’s Hayes Leather Sandals is a great example of this, a hybrid design that combines elements from slides, thongs and sandals to create an attractive all-day wear sandal that can be combined with dressier or more casual outfits.


Slide into Comfort and Style

New Face Flick Womens Comfort Leather Slides Sandals Made In Brazil 

The New Face Flick Women’s Comfort Leather Slides feature multiple leather straps that give it an upscale bohemian vibe that much like the other options on this list can be worn throughout the day, both dressed up or down with more casual clothes. You really don’t have to sacrifice style to be comfortable with these beautiful slides by New Face.