Why Are Doc Martens So Popular?

There are tons of reasons why Doc Martens are so popular, but if you were to distil their popularity into one singular concept - Doc Martens are the embodiment of effortless, casual and cool. They have not been out of fashion since they were first adopted in the 60s.The Hippies decorated them with flowers in the 70s, the Punks studded and tore them, in the ‘80s they were featured under tight-rolled jeans and the Grunge scene of the 90s beat them up and scuffed them to accompany their flannel shirts. In the 2000s and 2010s, ravers’ feet were adorned with patent leather Docs in a myriad of technicolour hues and patterns.

Then our decade rolled around, and we went back to classics…but hard. Fashion today is a pastiche of the most iconic clothes of the 70s, 80s and 90s. From fuzzy techno-crop tops to swishy sundresses, boot cut jeans and oversized t-shirts we have it all and it's all accompanied by equally iconic Doc Marten shoes or boots.

But there’s a bit more to this popularity equation.

Doc Martens So Popular Brand House Direct


Doc Martens Last Forever

If there is one thing Doc aficionados love to mention is the fact that they last forever! If you go to any random second hand, or thrift store you are bound to come across a pair or two of Doc Martens boots or shoes that are decades old.

Doc Martens come in tons of variations

Doc Martens Tonne of Variations

Not only can you get boots but you can also get oxford-like Doc Martens shoes. You can choose from real leather or vegan leather and as of recently, you can also get fashion-forward and bold Doc Martens sandals.

Doc Martens are comfortable

Since their inception, Doc Martens were designed to conform to the wearer's foot the more they wore them. As the leather becomes more subtle, the footbed will also mould around your foot. Why do you think some people never take off their Doc Martens?

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