Why Do Dr Martens Never Go Out of Style?

The classic workman’s styled Dr. Martens boot and its many flavours can be combined with an astonishingly large amount of styles and clothes. This is partially the reason why this legendary type of footwear has enjoyed almost seven decades of relevance. Since their introduction in the 1940s, there hasn’t been a decade where they weren’t the go-to shoe of a particular youth subculture or group. Generations of people have been lacing up their Docs before heading out to see their favourite bands for dozens of years.

But there’s a lot more to the story than rebellious youth culture.

Dr Martens are Casually High Fashion

We’ve recently seen the reemergence of multiple styles of Dr. Martens footwear both dressed up and down. Docs are perfect when you want to project effortless laissez-faire ‘I woke up like this’ attitude, while still staying enviously fashionable. The Dr Martens Vegan 1461 3 Eye Black Lace Up Comfortable Unisex Shoes work wonders to project this look.

Another reason Dr. Martens still enjoy mass popularity is because they are offered in hundreds of variations. The comfortable but smart Dr Martens Jadon Black Polished Womens Fashion Lace Up Boots are a trend setting boot that works wonderfully with jeans or a short mini.

Comfortable but Edgy

Although incredulously cool and durable, Dr Martens boots also happen to be very comfortable. This is mainly due to the technology Dr Martens use when constructing their iconic footwear, many styles feature an air-cushioned sole for your added comfort.

Attractive Design, Rugged Construction

Dr Martens combines both timeless design and rugged construction. Many people keep their Doc boots or shoes for decades - some even believe the rougher they look, the cooler they are!

Just because you are an iconic brand, doesn’t mean that you have to be stuck in the old ways. Now you can get this iconic footwear in a vegan option as well.

Find Your Next Favourite Pair of Boots

Brandhousedirect.com.au has an extensive collection of Dr. Martens boots and shoes, in numerous colourways and finishes. You might actually be inclined to buy multiple styles, a pair of the classic original eight-eye boot, the equally timeless three-eye lower shoe for a night on the town or maybe add a bit of colour with a pair of rose adorned boots.