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Windsor Smith Shoes & Boots

Windsor Smith is one of the most iconic Australian footwear brands today.

Starting off as family based footwear business in the 40’s in Melbourne, Windsor Smith soared into the market as a leader in men’s fashion footwear. Windsor Smith continued to evolve it product mix and became a trend setter in the industry. With it’s strong men’s following, Windsor Smith built the confidence to expand into the women’s sector, and now Windsor Smith is also one of the most iconic womens fashion footwear brands in Australia.

Windsor Smith is a trend setter and gathers inspiration from trends around the world and the runway. Windsor Smith create classics with a contemporary and modern twist. They also dare to be different with eye catching designs that are at the forefront of fashion. Their ranges are diverse. They are masters at mens dress shoes, boots and casual shoes. They are leaders in womens heels, boots, flats, sneakers and sandals.

Windsor Smith will always remain an Australian icon, but since has also spread its wings into the global market. Windsor Smith is currently stocked across the US, Asia and Europe as the company plans to extend its retail presence globally.