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Leather Sandals

Brand House Direct stock one of the largest ranges of leather sandals making us the perfect destination to find that perfect pair of comfortable sandals that you are looking for. Whether you are looking for a comfortable pair of leather walking sandals, a modern pair of leather wedge sandals, a trendy pair of leather gladiator sandals or a pair of leather sandals in a particular color such as black sandals, tan sandals or white sandals, Brand House Direct has a comprehensive range of beautiful leather sandals to choose from. Our leather sandals range is available in a variety of colorways and materials to suit whatever your needs and occasion.
Leather is a popular choice of materials for sandals as it is a natural material that breathes with your feet. Leather sandals let in air to cool your feet, particular during the warmer months, which can help prevent foot odour.
One of the other benefits in wearing leather sandals is that they are durable. Genuine leather shoes can often outlive other shoes made from manmade materials. High quality leather tends to stand strong against the elements meaning the sandals will tend to last much longer. Therefore opting in for leather sandals is a good investment if you are after a pair of comfortable and durable shoes.
Another benefit of wearing leather sandals is that the leather material will mould to the shape of your foot. When wearing synthetic shoes, you can sometimes find that they feel hard against your feet and they won't change to accommodate the shape of your feet. One of the benefits of choosing leather sandals is that leather can adapt to your foot shape, giving your feet extra comfort and support.
Another benefit of purchasing leather sandals is that compared to other fabrics that can be difficult to clean, leather is easy to clean and maintain with a damp cloth. Because the material is breathable, leather products aren't usually difficult to dry after they have been washed. Therefore leather sandals are a practical choice, particularly for everyday wear.
Not only is leather a strong and robust material naturally, leather is also very comfortable. Leather sandals offer comfort and support for your feet. Finding the right shoes is very important and leather sandals are an ideal footwear choice, particular during warmer months.
Popular brands we stock in leather sandals include Hush Puppies, Clarks, Gino Ventori, Cabello Comfort, Merrell, KEEN, Zensu, RMK, Bonbons, CC Resorts, Earth, Rockport, Tsonga to name a few. Shop our stylish leather sandals range to find comfort for your feet.